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Thanks to your vote, our coast isn't being ignored anymore.

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for more relevant and creative educational opportunities for our young people.


about making the Coast a better place to live, work, and play without adding greater tax burdens on you.


to championing the real needs of the Coast's hardworking people rather than bowing to big-city elitist agendas.

“Thank YOU for making your voice heard and voting me into office. 

I look forward to bringing more balance to Salem and championing the needs of our coast! It’s time we had a real voice in the legislature and I’m proud that you made that happen!”

- Dick Anderson

Anderson supports...

Dick was the Mayor of Lincoln City, OR until voted into office at the Oregon Senate. He enjoyed a long successful career in finance and has been involved in many local & civic boards, committees, and organizations. He’s been married to Sue for decades and together they have two children and five grandchildren. 

Running for Oregon Senate wasn’t a personal aspiration for Anderson, but rather a call of duty to help protect the coastal communities and State he loves. Thank you for making it a reality!

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Thanks to you, we have a strong voice in Salem helping to bring balance. But there’s lots to do still! 

But our liberty, our needs, and having a voice was worth the concerted effort.

Now, as Anderson passionately works to make the Coast a better place, we invite you to stay involved. Sign up here to get updates on sessions and priorities as he works for the coast and for us.

To learn how to testify or find your legislature, visit: OregonLegislature.gov

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